Welcome to Wpk Systems

We are a small independent IT and computing company offering high quality services for home and business. Based in Hadleigh, Suffolk, we supply and service computers and network installations around the Suffolk and north Essex areas. Wpk Systems has now been providing services since 2000 and is looking towards the future of the constantly changing IT industry.

We run our own web servers, based here in Hadleigh, on which we host website and email domains for many local (and some not so local) businesses, and have designed and/or built many of the websites we host.

We can supply high-quality network servers and workstations as well as home computers, custom built by ourselves and tailored to suit their intended use.

Our clientele includes a wide range of home and business customers, as well as schools and charities, for which we are more than willing to apply special minimal terms.

We take a pride in offering all our hosting services with extremely high levels of protection against virus and malicious attacks, which lately seem to have increased in frequency and severity.




We can help you with

Custom-built computers

Custom-bullt servers

Network installation & management
(wifi or wired)

Mobile Repeaters

Website design, building and hosting

(own inhouse servers)

Email hosting
Exchange 2010/2013 Enterprise

MailEnable Enterprise

Offsite backup

Audio-visual installations


We can supply



Tablets & Smartphones
(including Apple)


AV equipment

from most leading suppliers

Contact us by phone or email to enquire